• December 13th, 2017 •


2017 is coming to a close so I thought it fitting to share 10 inspirational quotes to keep in mind for 2018.  My wish for you is that the upcoming year is filled with love, happiness and joy!! xxx


1. Go after dreams, not people

Follow your dreams; ask yourself, “what is your passion?” And pursue it. Be true to yourself.

2. Love yourself and the rest will follow

Look in the mirror and give yourself a pep talk! You are beautiful! You are worthy!! You are made of substance. Once you believe it, the rest will follow.

3. Never lose your sense of wonder.

Take time to appreciate the small things in life. Really take the time. Laugh at silly!! Be silly..Crack yourself up. When you do, others will join in, every single time!

4. You are capable of more than you know.

Look back and you will see that in instances when times were tough, you made it through. You realize that you are capable and you will continue to be so.

5. It always seems impossible until it’s done!

When it becomes overwhelming, break it up in small tasks and tackle each one independently. When done, you will pat yourself on that back.

6. Nothing worth having comes easy

7. Sometimes plan but sometimes wing it.

8. No regret in life. Just lessons learned.

9. Your only limit is you.

10. Don’t wait, life goes faster than you think.

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