Meet Kara, a breast cancer survivor

• September 25th, 2017 •


Meet Kara, a warrior, a survivor, a giver of the best kind!

Kara answered my call to photograph her as part of our Survivor project to benefit AAMC. Her positive energy, beautiful smile and remarkable tenacity was amazing to witness!! Life gave her lemons and she made lemonade of the best kind. Kara started a beautiful non-profit, called, “Pinked Perspective.” Here is her story, in her own words. I encourage you to check out her links. If you know of anyone who is going through this journey, PLEASE consider reaching out to her to request the kit.

My Breast Cancer Journey:

My Breast Cancer Journey

Everything started for me just before my 34th birthday when I found a lump in my right breast. After a mammogram and Ultrasound, I was quickly but carefully taken through all the steps of diagnosis at AAMC’s Breast Center. Following those initial grueling days of diagnosis, treatment involved a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction using expanders and 18 weeks of chemo.

The Breast Cancer Kits:

Breast Cancer Kits

Because of the love that was poured out on me and our family, as well as so much key practical information that was provided at what seemed like the perfect time through each step, I realized that I wanted to be one of those people that offered that same kind of love, support and practical guidance to others going through similar journeys. This was where the “Kit” idea started. I decided there were a few key things that someone going through the mastectomy should have so I put them together in one package. You can see again what is included in them in the link above. There is a form on the website to request a kit for someone, mastectomy or non-mastectomy. The kits are valued around $50 each and we appreciate the person requesting to sponsor the kit for their loved one but it is not absolutely necessary.

Think Pink Event:

Donation or sponsorship for kits is not absolutely necessary because of the generous donations made by so many during the month of October when we hold our main fundraiser called the Think Pink Family Fun Run/Walk. This year it is scheduled for Sat, October 28th at 8:30 am at the Severna Park Community Center~Holy Grounds. Registration for the event will be coming soon to the website. It is a free family event but we ask those attending to bring donations of items needed for the kits for the following year.

While my breast cancer journey was not something I would have chosen to walk through, I have tried never to question why it happened. It grew my faith and belief that we are all here to love and support one another through whatever hard hits us. There is certainly plenty of hard in this world but God is still faithful to walk with us through the hard. That is what I hope to share with anyone receiving the support of Pinked Perspective.

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