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I scheduled a photo session with 3 siblings. The middle child asked his mother to join in the photo. She declined. I looked at him and said, “Why do you want your mother in the photo?” “Because”, he replied, “she is never in any of our photos.” “And,” I asked him, “how does that make you feel?” His reply? “It makes me feel sad.” Moms…exist in portraits for your loved ones for one day they will become their most valued treasure. I have been sending out this message continually but to hear it from a child’s point of view spoke volumes! Mom never realized until then how important it was for her children that she be present in their photos. It was a powerful moment. (permission was given by mom to tell the story!)


I posted this story on Dec 1 on a local moms closed group. To date, it has over 350 likes and 30 very positive comments!! I hit a nerve!! I especially loved this one message sent by a mom. I could not have said it better. “This is a beautiful message. The picture turned out so cute. And we as women need to stop being so critical of ourselves. Embrace the beauty our children love us for us.”

We as women need to stop being so critical of ourselves. Embrace the beauty our children love us for us. This should be a mission statement for every mother, young and old. You are beautiful just the way you are!! Your children love you and appreciate you. Get in there and have a photo taken with them. Each and every time!! Life is so short; life is so precious. And do you know what your children will remember when they see the photo of you? They will have the memories that you took the time to exist in portraits for there. The photographs will one day become their most valued possession.

I challenge you to have Christmas/holiday photos with them. And, furthermore, print them out and put them in frames all over your house so your children will see them. You are telling them they are important.

This little boy opened my eyes because I’ll bet if I looked back at my photos, there are not many with me in them when my boys were young and now I regret it. So, what am I going to do this holiday? You bet!! Make sure I am in a photo with my two boys, my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter. She will one day cherish the photos. It’s time I start taking a little dose of my own medicine!!


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